Albendazole Tablet
                • Albendazole Tablet
                • Albendazole Tablet

                Albendazole Tablet


                Each tablet contains Albendazole 150mg/300mg/600mg/2500mg.


                Antiparasitic. For the control and treatment of livestock and poultry nematode, taeniasis and fluke disease.


                For oral administration. 

                Horses and pigs: 5-10mg/kg body weight.

                Cattle goats and sheep: 10-15mg/kg body weight.

                Dogs: 25-50mg/kg body weight.

                Poultry: 10-20mg/kg body weight.

                ADVERSE REACTION

                Dogs with 50mg/kg dosage, twice a day, will gradually produce anorexia.

                Cats may occur mild drowsiness, depression, anorexia and other symptoms, when use of this product treatment of paragonism has resistance. Aplastic anemia may occur to cats and dogs. Early pregnancy using albendazole, may be accompanied by embryo toxicity and teratogenic effects.

                SPECIAL WARNINGS

                Do not use in lactating dairy cattle. Pregnancy caution: Do not use during first 45 days of pregnancy for cattle, sheep and goats.

                WITHDRAWAL PERIOD

                Cattle: 14 days.

                Sheep, goats and poultry: 4 days.

                Pigs: 7 days.

                Milk: 60 hours


                Seal and store in room temperature.

                Keep out of reach of children. 

                SHELF LIFE 

                3 years.